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The Ardennes and its museums dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge, the will to keep the memory alive.


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The « martyr » town of Bastogne has no less than 5 museums dedicated to the battle that devastated the Ardennes a second time in under 4 years. There are many other institutions that bring forward the audacity of the allied armies or the civilian’s day to day life. In each one of them, the owners or specialized guides will be pleased to seriously comment, the combats and events that scared their territory but also all the war vestiges discovered years later.
Follow the guide and note the addresses of these must see places of memory for those interested.

Museum dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge

101st Airborne Museum P. Willems

101st Airborne Museum © FTLB/ P. Willems

Belgian Luxembourg

For further information you can refer to the previous article that presents the totality of the museums of the town.
Bastogne War Museum
The ancient Bastogne Historical Center has been refurbished and now develops various themes linked to the second conflict (reasons, military operations, occupation, etc…) and to the battle. Four virtual guides accompany the visitor.

Practical info
Colline du Mardasson, 5 – 6600-Bastogne
+32(0)2 549 60 49

Bastogne War Museum

© Bastogne War Museum

Bastogne Barracks
The old military barracks have become a museum mainly dedicated to the 101st Airborne Division. It presents their participation in the Battle of the Bulge but also post-war conflicts. Emblematic place due to the presence of the cellar where McAuliffe pronounced his famous « Nuts » in answer to the German’s surrender demand.

Practical info
Quartier Slt Heintz
Rue de La Roche, 40 – 6600-Bastogne
+32(0)61 24 21 24

Bastogne Barracks P. Willems

Bastogne Barracks © FTLB/ P. Willems

Bastogne Barracks

Bastogne Barracks © FTLB/ P. Willems

101st Airborne Museum

The ancient mess of the « Chasseurs Ardennais » is today entirely dedicated to the history of the 101st Airborne Division, of its units and its stay in Bastogne.

Practical info
Av. de la Gare, 11 – 6600-Bastogne
+32(0) 61 21 78 95

101st Airborne Museum P. Willems

101st Airborne Museum ©FTLB/ P. Willems

« Au Pays d’Ardenne » Original Museum
The visitor will discover here the Ardennes of yesteryear : the crafts, agriculture, ancient trades but most of all the Battle of the Bulge.

Practical info
Rue de Neufchâteau, 20 – 6600-Bastogne
+32(0) 61 21 49 11

Original Museum P. Willems

Original Museum © FTLB/ P. Willems

Bastogne Ardennes ’44 Museum
1000 sq/m on two levels, the various phases of the battle are shown with, as a major point, a crossing of the battlefield during the 1944 winter.

Practical information
Rue de Bras, 635 – 6600-Bastogne
+32(0) 61 21 78 95

Bras Bastogne Ardennes '44 Museum 085cc

Bastogne Ardennes ’44 Museum © FTLB/ P. Willems


Exposition-Museum 44 (Sadzot) (Exhibition – Museum 44)
Battle of Sadzot, The Sad Sack Affair (night of 27 to 28 December 1944).

Practical info.
Denis Fairon
+32(0)492 84 19 38, www.sadzotmuseum44.be


Musée Fournil (Sainlez) (Fournil Museum)
The civilians of Sainlez during the Battle of the Bulge.

Practical info.
Jean-Paul Dabe +32(0)475 40 14 22
Jean-Marie Lhote 061/215146
Gwenaël Spôte spote.g@gmail.com

Sainlez P. Willems

Sainlez © FTLB/ P. Willems

La Roche

Musée de la bataille des Ardennes (Museum of the Battle of the Bulge)
Battle of the Bulge. Americans and Germans in the battle but also the British. This is the only museum with a British section. It includes a veteran’s corner with donations by the soldiers who were in the battle.

Practical info.
Gilles Bouillon
Rue Châmont 5, 6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne
+32(0)84 41 17 25, www.batarden.be

Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes P. Willems

Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes © FTLB/ P. Willems

Musée History 44 (Bérismenil) (History ’44 Museum)
The Battle of the Bulge, the crash of a B17 bomber in Bérismenil and the Belgian collaboration (VNV and Rex).

Practical info.
Mike Sadzo
rue du centre 35, 6982 Bérismenil
+32(0)477 59 53 79, www.history44.com


Musée de la 83rd Infantry Division (Bihain) (Museum of the 83rd Inf. Div.)
The American 83rd Infantry Division, its actions and liberation of the village.

Practicle info
Bihain 21A, 6690 Bihain
+32(0)80 41 87 39

Bulge Relics Museum (Joubiéval)
30 years of digging to discover the Battle of the Bulge in the Salm region.

Practical info :
Jean-François Noirhomme
Joubiéval 41, 6690 Joubiéval
+32(0)496 31 61 74, www.bulge-relics-museum.be

Bulge Religs Museum P. Willems

Bulge Relics Museum © FTLB/ P. Willems

Musée de la bataille de la Salm (Ennal) (Museum of the Battle of the Salm)
The battle in the village of Grand-Halleux and the actions of the American parachutists of the 82nd Airborne Division and of the German soldiers of the 1st SS and 9th Panzer Divisions.

Practical info.
Ennal 24, 6698 Ennal
+32(0)80 21 54 58, www.musee-ennal.com

Exposition-musée 87th Infantry Division (Exhibition-museum 87th Inf)
Tribute to the American 87th Infantry Division..

Practical info
Olivier Gillard
Rue du Mont 81, 6870 Saint-Hubert
+32(0)475 44 78 67

Exposition-musée 87th Infantry Division P. Willems

Exposition-musée 87th Infantry Division © FTLB/ P. Willems



Musée Truschbaum – Camp Elsenborn
The history of the Military Camp of Elsenborn since its creation in 1894 by the Prussian Army, to present days (large focus on the battle of the Bulge).

Practical info
Lagerstrasse 4750 Elsenborn
+32(0)80 44 21 05


Musée Truschbaum © Martin-Scheiff


Baugnez 44 Historical Center
The museum is dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge and to the massacreof Baugnez
It covers 850 sq/m. On two levels (15 scenes showing the everyday life of the soldiers during the battle)

Practical info
Route de Luxembourg, 10 – 4960-Malmedy


Historical Museum December 44 (La Gleize)
This museum shows a chronological and themed circuit about the failure of the German counter-offensive in December 1944

Practical info
Rue de l’Eglise, 7b – 4987 – La Gleize
+32(0) 80 78 51 91


Remember Museum 39-45 (Clermont)
The American 1st Infantry Division and the veterans.

Practical info
Les Béolles 4, 4890 Thimister-Clermont
+32(0)87 44 61 81, www.remembermuseum.com


Ensival Historical Museum (Ensival)
Occupation and liberation of the Verviers region.

Practical info
Rue de la Saunerie 1, 4800 Verviers
+32(0)87 33 93 88

Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Musée de la bataille des Ardennes (Museum of the Battle of the Bulge)
The battle of the Bulge in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Practical info
Château de Clervaux, 9712 CLERVAUX
+352(0)26 91 06 95


Musée national d’histoire militaire ( National museum of military history)
The largest museum of the Battle of the Bulge, It displays the largest amount of heavy US military vehicles. It also has a section showing the history of the Luxembourg army.

Practical info
Bamertal 10, 9209 Diekirch
+352(0)80 89 08, www.mnhm.lu


Musée mémorial du Général Patton (General Patton’s Memorial Museum)
Tribute to General George S. Patton, commander of the US 3rd Army and liberator of the town of Ettelbruck on 25 December 1944

Practical info
Rue Dr Klein 5, 9054 Ettelbruck
+352(0)81 03 22, www.patton.lu

Monument Patton Arlon P. Willems

Monument Patton Arlon © FTLB/ P. Willems


385th Bomb Group Memorial Museum (Perlé)
Tribute to the American 385th Bomber Group

Practical info
Rue de l’Eglise 6, 8826 Perlé


Musée de la bataille des Ardennes Wiltz (Museum of the Battle of the Bulge – Wiltz)
Wiltz and its surroundings from 16 December 1944 to 21 January 1945.

Practical info
Château de Wiltz
L-9516 Wiltz
Tél.: +352 26 95 00 32
Fax: +352 26 95 00 33

Museums about the Second World War


Musée « 40-45 Memories »
Souvenirs of the civilian and military life in the region during World War II.

Practical info
Frédéric Winkin
rue des Ardennes 54, 4920 Aywaille
+32(0)4 384 54 31

Ourthe Amblève

Musées « 40-45 Memories » © Ourthe Amblève

WWII Memory Museum (Berneau)
The Second World War seen through specific events (the Losheim combats, Operation Market Garden, the siege of Bastogne, etc.)
Practical info
Rue de Maestricht 29, 4607 Berneau
+32(0)479 82 98 12, www.wwii-memory-museum.com


Musée des commandos (Flawinne) (Commando Museum)
The history of Belgian Commandos from 1942 to present days.

Practical info
Caserne Slt Thibaut
Rue Durieux 80, 5020 Flawinne

Musée du Génie (Jambes) (Engineers Museum)
History of the Belgian Military Engineers from 1830 to present days.

Practical info
Chemin du Masuage 2, 5100 Jambes
+32(0)81 32 39 73, www.gm-news.net


Musée Spitfire
The planes that have marked the Military History from 1943 to present days.

Practical info
Rue de Rohan Chabot, Base J. Offenberg, 5620 Florennes
+32(0)71 68 25 14, www.museespitfire.be

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