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2nd World War

The post-war reconstruction


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La place du Bronze détruite, La Roche J.-M. Bodelet

The investigation of a journalist of those days : how does La Roche rebuild itself ? Rummaging through my grandparent’s attic, I happened upon some old press articles dating back to the immediate post-war period. One of them particularly caught my attention. It relates to an investigation by Roger Crouquet, for Le soir…

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The Ardennes and its museums dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge, the will to keep the memory alive.


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Bastogne Barracks cave09anj

The « martyr » town of Bastogne has no less than 5 museums dedicated to the battle that devastated the Ardennes a second time in under 4 years. There are many other institutions that bring forward the audacity of the allied armies or the civilian’s day to day life. In each one of them, the…

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